Nee Kannu Neeli Samudram Song – Song from Uppena Movie

Hero Vaishnav Tej’s debut film ‘Uppena’. The film is being produced by Maithree Movie Makers under the direction of Buchi Babu Sana.

The movie is being released on April 2. This is where promotions begin. Recently released a promo for the song ‘Nee Kannu Neeil Sea’. What’s new in the video is how the song originated, unlike the song teaser. On the seashore where the tide is rising, director Buchibabu walks with music director Devi Sri Prasad and says,

“Mana Uppena Movie First Song For Varna Sir”.

Situation What if the goddess asks, “Hero as a child sees the heroine near the dargah first time. Devi is giving that girl .. That same girl is giving the girl “sir” and describes the occasion. Director Buchibabu immediately responds to the tune, saying that the song was recorded in Singer Javed Ali’s studio in Lost The lyrical video will be released tomorrow evening (March 2 at 4.05pm).

Another hero from the mega family is Panja Vaishnava Tej. Vaishnav is the younger brother of megastar Mennalladu Saidaram Tej. The hero of the film is going to come out with a beautiful love story called ‘Uppena’. Butchibabu is directing the film. Music by Devi Sri Prasad. The first song promo for the film was released recently by Chitraunit. In this promo, director Buchi Babu Devi asked Devi to sing a love song and soon Devi played a catchy tune. Director Buchibabu immediately tweeted the tune. Lost, the song was shown by Singer Javed Ali in the studio. The song is to be released on lyrical video tomorrow evening (March 2nd at 4.05pm). The movie is set to premiere on April 2.

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