Bhaaratheeyudu 2 / indian 2 movie to take break on Shooting

The sequel to the blockbuster movie ‘Indian Man’, which was released a few years ago, has been a problem ever since its inception. AR Rahman has been selected as the music director for the movie Mundemo. Anirudh took Ravichander after someone called him saying he did not want Rahman.

It was later reported that the budget was getting bigger than expected and Shankar was in the midst of a split between Leica Productions. The film stopped for a few months in the middle. Kamal Clarity said that the shooting of the film has not begun. Now the big accident has stopped the film.

Bhaaratheeyudu 2 / indian 2 movie to take break on Shooting

indian 2 movie poster
Indian 2 movie poster

Three people were killed in a huge accident on the sets of ‘Indian 2’ last month. Two assistant directors along with one lightman died on the spot when a heavy crane set on the set. Director Shankar, Kamal Haasan, and Kajal Agarwal are also in the spot. All of them survived the accident in the haircut. ‘Indian India 2’ is shooting on February 19 at EVP Studios in Chennai. The set includes a number of technicians along with director Shankar, Kamal Haasan, and Kajal Aggarwal.

A huge crane was also installed in the same set. The crane came in the form of a corpse as everyone in the tent was discussing the scene. Two assistant directors and one lightman died in the incident. Kamal and Shankar’s bodies were rushed to a nearby hospital. Ten others were seriously injured in the incident.

Kamal Haasan, Shankar, Lyca Productions and Cherokee also assisted the families of the three victims. After the incident, Kamal Haasan blamed the production company Leica Productions. Mundemo said that it is the responsibility of everyone to help and support the film. He said that this would not have happened if everybody on the sets of the construction company had been provided with proper protection.

He added that everyone would be involved in the shooting only if they were provided with protection insurance. The production company has denied Kamal’s words. They all responded to the incident with equal responsibility. Following this, CBI director Shankar sent notices.

And that was the case for more than two and a half hours. Internal disputes have arisen between the two as Kamal has repeatedly accused the company of being the cause of the accident. Kamal Haasan has decided to stop ‘Indian 2’ as the producers are not protecting the blame. The film has been postponed several times already. Now the Kollywood community is informed that it is going to stop.

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