Seethaayanam Movie First Look Released !!

‘Seethaayanam’ First Look Released !!

Kannada Supreme Hero Shashi Kumar, who is familiar with many Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films, released his first look in Telugu and Kannada languages ​​on Wednesday, March 11th, introducing his son Aksith Sasikumar as the hero.

Seethaayanam First look Poster
Seethaayanam First look Poster

Cast: Ajay Ghosh, Madhunandhan, Vidyulekha Raman, Bithiri Sathi, Krishna Bhagavan, Gundu Sudarshan, Anant, Jabharthast Apparao, TNR, Madhubani, Meghna Gowda.

Writing & Directed by Prabhakar Aripaka
Camera: Durgaprasad Kolli
Editing by: Praveen Pudi
Lyrics: Chandra Bose, Anant Sriram
Fights: Real Satish
Choreography: Anish
Music: Padmanabh Bhardwaj
Producer: Lalitha Rajyalakshmi

Seethaayanam Movie Details

Directed by Prabhakar Aripaka, Anitha Bhushan is the heroine of the film. Ms Lalita Rajyalakshmi is producing the film in Rohan Bhardwaj’s submission on the flag of Color Cloud Entertainments.

The film is already being completed and the post-production work is underway.
Filmmaker Mrs Lalita Rajyalakshmi said, “Love, Crime and Drama is the title of ‘Respect Woman’. The storylines are in keeping with today’s trend. The songs in the film are impressive. Well, the climax will keep this picture at the next level Full planning to bring forward a picture of the audience, “he said.

Director Prabhakar Aripaka said, “Sitayana is a story of today’s generation, with a lot of elements and scenes. With the help of the producers and the superb performance of the actors, the film brings a lot of great opportunities to Ma Yung Supreme hero Aksith. Both of them are very good. ” Said.

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