Nirbhaya convicts finalized tomorrow

Nirbhaya convicts finalized tomorrow The execution of post-executioners of Nirbhaya convicts across the country has been postponed. Recently, the Court of Appeal Sessions Judge Dharmendar Rana dismissed the petition filed by Patiala House, which had made a bold appeal to suspend the execution. The Supreme Court also dismissed a cautious petition filed by fearless persons. This has closed

Bollywood, “Mr. Burr Perfect ‘

Bollywood, “Mr. Burr Perfect ‘ Bollywood Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is impressed not only professionally but also in personal life. Especially in the case of his son Azad. Aamir has come out with Azad several times during the promotion of his films. Photos with a son. Azad took a greeting card issued by him on his birthday. The