with an unseen enemy .. The human race is at war: Modi


With an unseen enemy .. The human race is at war: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is waging war on the human race with an unseen enemy. Speaking on the occasion, he said .. People need to be vigilant because corona is raging. The whole world is in chaos because of this virus. Corona had the conditions of the First World War. Mankind has been plunged into crisis. The human race has been in trouble for the past two months. Scientists are doing a lot of research to find a vaccine for this epidemic. But Modi still can’t find the vaccine.

But for a week, do not get out of the house . Schools, colleges, theaters and malls have already closed with Corona Alert. Work from home is reserved for employees in public and private offices. Modi has also issued instructions not to go out. Everyone has to follow the self-proclaimed curfew. It is also advised to keep the hands and surroundings clean. It is not by saying someone .. You are yourself.

Over 8,000 people have died worldwide due to the coronavirus virus that has plagued the world. This virus is spreading in India as well. Already, 176 corona positive cases have been registered across India and five have died. Official figures show that 15 positive cases were reported in AP and Telangana states.

Born in Wuhan City, China, the corona virus creates turbulence in world countries. Thousands of lives are being killed. With the pandemic spreading day by day, people are becoming more and more terrified. Already, the central and state governments have begun to act on an alert basis. Recently Prime Minister Modi addressed the race. The key comments were that the country is currently in the conditions of World War I. The Prime Minister, who is on the verge of endangering all humanity, said that the vaccine was nowhere near trying to combat the epidemic. He said that the virus can be safe from the virus if taken care of. If we are healthy, the world will be healthy, Modi says.

Modi has called on the people of the country to observe the Janata curfew on Sunday the 22nd of this month. He asked that no one get out of the house from 7 am to 9 pm. In case of an emergency, one should think twice. If conditions worsen, the Janata curfew will be a prep, ”he said. Narendra Modi, who promised to bring the people to their homes, urged them not to come out unless there is an emergency even after Sunday. The Prime Minister said there should be a self-proclaimed curfew across the country.

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