Corona: Steam Rs 19.49 lakh crore in 4 days

Corona: Steam Rs 19.49 lakh crore in 4 days

Witness: Mumbai: Dalal Street is shaking with fear of Kovid-19. The coronavirus pandemic makes global markets and domestic stock markets unaffordable. This week’s key indices also covered serious losses. Millions of investors have been wiped out with a series of losses. In particular, the wealth of investors worth Rs.19.49 lakh crore has evaporated during the four days of this week. In addition, the growing number of coronavirus cases and deaths in India are fueling deep frustration among investors. Against this backdrop, the trading on Thursday took a loss. Despite some upheaval in the mid-session, they failed to maintain key support levels. Analysts are optimistic that the recovery will come as a result of the short-cover effect and that investors’ vigilance will continue into the foreseeable future.

The market capitalization of BSE-listed companies fell to Rs 1,09,76,781 crore for the fourth consecutive day, from Rs 19,49,461.82 crore. The benchmark index Sensex fell 5,815 points in four days. If more than 1200 companies have reached a yearly low .. risks can be estimated. On the other hand, the Kovid-19 (Corona) threat has also affected the domestic currency. The rupee fell to historic lows on Thursday. The all-time low was at 75.11 with a loss of 85 paise.

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