Kaira Advani on Mee too Moment

Kaira Advani on Mee too Moment: The ‘Meetoo’ movement is known to have shaken the Indian film industry. Many actresses and women technicians fearlessly exposed themselves to harassment in the industry. Many of the best in the film industry have been exposed by Mee too. Actresses like Kajol have also commented that the industry has benefited greatly from Mee too.

Kaira Advani made sensational comments on the Meetoo movement

kaira advani pics
Kaira Advani pics

However, the heroine of Bollywood actress Kaira Advani commented that the result of the meeting was not complete. He thought the situation would change completely after Mee too. However, no change has been made. Sensational comments that he does not even think the changes will be made. Mee too said we couldn’t get to the next level. Keira’s comments have now become a subject of debate.

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