Jabardasth Dorababu Re-Entry Confirmed by Hyper Aadi ?

Dorababu is best known as a comedian through the Jabardast Show. But with one task, it was gone. Recently, Visakha was arrested by police for committing adultery in a house. Meanwhile, what happened that night was no one’s Clarity. Others argue that he was actually involved in the case. Meanwhile, the wife of Dhorababu I know what he is. There is no such mistake.
However, Dorababu’s name is now changed in Telugu states.

It was reported that the police did not come to arrest him on an original day. There is not a lot of information about his whereabouts. There is also news that a friend who had come to Visakha for some work had taken the foreigner to a place. However, it is reported that the police have been informed that some people are Playing Cards in beside Apartment. It is reported that the police had come for a ride and upon arrival, a man was spotted by a Jabardast comedian.

Jabardasth Dorababu Re-Entry Confirmed by Hyper Aadi?

jabardasth dorababu
jabardasth dorababu

But the scene was reversed as no one was expecting adultery. Another thing is that some of the neighbours say that the police did not even know that there was a foreigner. The Jabardast comedians were also caught in the crossroads of the police for those playing the poker.

With Hyper-Ad initiative

Malemalala team put Dhorababu on the blacklist with this incident. However, Hyper Adi had a dream and spoke to the Mallemala team. Information about them being convened. The Jabardast team said that if he knew or did not know it, he would not take any conflicts. If he is caught .. Warning also reported that Hyper Adi will be taken out of the show. Too soon to be seen in hyper ad skits. Most of the audience will have to wait and see if Dabarbabu is back.

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