Corona Effect … Big Break for ‘Narappa’!

Corona Effect … Big Break for ‘Narappa’!

From the beginning of Victory Venkatesh’s career, a variety of films have been presented to Telugu audiences. There is no such thing as a janor that he has not touched. He has made films in every genre such as Love, Action, Thriller, Family Drama and Mythological. Variations are shown in every role he has done. Now, with another wonderful character, the story is ready to come out in front of the audience. The same is ‘Narappa’. This is a remake of the Tamil super hit movie ‘Asuran’. D. Suresh Babu and Kalaipuli S. Krishnan on Suresh Productions Pvt. Directed by Srikanth Addala, the film is being jointly produced by Thane. The film, which has been going non-stop, has been blocked in the form of corona virus (Kovid 19). Suresh Productions has announced that it has temporarily suspended shooting due to the high impact of Kovid 19. Tweeted to this extent. ” Narappa is the biggest shoot schedule in Suresh Productions’ history.

We stopped shooting in the wake of the Kovid 19 boom. The Chitra Unit is returning to Hyderabad today. We will resume the shooting once the outside conditions get worse. We hope that you will also avoid going out as much as possible.

“Stay healthy and safe,” Suresh Productions said in a tweet. Venkatesh arrived in Hyderabad yesterday. His masked photos at Shamshabad airport are now going viral on social media. Meanwhile, Peter Hein and Vijay fight masters of ‘Narappa’.

The 10-day action sequence was filmed last month in Therikkadu (Red Desert) near Tirichandur, Tamil Nadu under the supervision of Peter Hein. Earlier, the shooting took place in Anantapur district. Corona brakes for this gigantic schedule. Priyamani is playing opposite Venkatesh in the movie. Shyam K. Naidu’s cinematography is by providing the music for the film, Mani Sharma.

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