Pawan’s movies get delayed for restrictions in corona

Pawan’s movies get delayed for restrictions in corona

Starring heroes – Corona’s lack of films is the situation. Due to the gap for political entry – Pawan Kalyan is on screen for two years. Pawan becomes president of Jana Sena after 25th project stalker Due to politically unfavorable circumstances, the comedian is ready to do a remake of ‘Vakil Saab’. Pavan-Tirigarchi, who wants to be politically busy, became a hero. According to official and unofficial articles, Powerstar has put four projects in line. Fans flocked to see Pawan on screen with a series of films – carrying the corona for a while. The industry has been following the bandwagon to prevent the intensification of the virus – reports that its impact has been strong on Pawan’s films. Pawan’s 26th project – Vakil Saab. Dilraju and Bonniekapoor are expected to release in May with director Venu Sreeram. But with the corona effect, ‘Vakil ..’ seems to be coming.

With the shooting being bandh .. Vakilsaab is not being heard at Target Time. Even if it is a remake of Pink – a commercial episode focused on the Pawan image as a backdrop story .. the part is yet to be filmed.

The shooting of the project is already underway in the Pawan-Krish combo. The big producer AM Ratnam is producing the project. There was no corona effect on this. However, with a view to completing the project .. some intainlo

Chris iddamantu power project proposed articles are temporary break. With the completion of the new project, after the completion of VakilSab, it seems that Maykovar has been wrong about the role. So, it is not surprising that Vakilsab may not arrive in the expected time and Krrish project with its Impact is due to start early next year. We will have to wait and see what official updates are on these two projects.

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