Nani movie- sequel well ahead of the movie’s release

Nani movie- sequel well ahead of the movie’s release

Once a film is released and sucks, the directors are looking to catch a sequel. But in the case of our Natural Star Nani movie, it is surprising that a sequel talk is coming before the movie release. According to the latest news, a sequel to Nani’s latest movie ‘V’ is also expected.

Mohankrishna Indraganti’s directorial role in Natural Star Nani’s heroic story has been the subject of interest in the film. The news that it will be a different movie in Nani’s career has heightened the curiosity of the film. The recently released FirstLux has created more hype on the teaser.

Nani and Sudheer Babu are playing the heroines in the film. Nivedita Thomas and Aditirao Haidari are the heroines. The film is scheduled to be released on March 25, but it has been postponed due to the corona boom in the country.

It is rumored that the film will have a sequel before its release. Inside talk that the film’s climax was designed to be a sequel. So .. see and how ChitraUnit responds to this.

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