What is going on in the RRR movie from Rajamouli? 

What is going on in the RRR movie from Rajamouli? 

Rajamouli has already given some clarity about what is going on in the story of Rajamouli, Ram Charan and NTR combo. It is a fictional story based movie of the 1920s, the story of how the two freedom fighters, Alluri Sitharamaraju and Komambhi fought together, leaked the story line called ‘RRR’ before the media. Rajamouli said that the film is going to be a perfect fiction in terms of what it would be like if the two heroes of the freedom struggle, two people who were not related to each other, were inspiring each other. Since the story of the 1920s, Rajamouli is a realistically researched film on the lifestyle, human personality and nativity of the day. However, Rajamouli gives some clarity on this story .. Hot topic in the film circles about how the story of the two star heroes balance. Recently, the famous songwriter Suddala Ashok Teja, who wrote three songs for the RRR film, gave more climax to the

story. He said that in this movie I wrote three songs, Rajamouligaru ..

Keiravaniyaru is very well written. Very pleased. But when Rajamouli tells the story .. At the same time, Korama Bheem from Telangana, Sitaramaraju from AP simultaneously misses.

The two have not been seen for two years. Nobody knows where to go. Two years later, the two men come and fight his war of independence against the British

. Rajamouli is a great creative idea that if they both meet during those two years .. What experiences they had .. They decided to fight.

His idea is the story of ‘RRR’. He has told us the same thing so far. He told us not to tell anyone the story. ‘Don’t even tell your Mrs. Pallavi what song you are writing now.’ As a result of that clause, we did not want to disclose the song or the contents of the film until the audio release, ‘said Rudra, who gave some clarity to the story of the story, Ashok Teja.

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